The Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo
by André Dellevoet

220 pages - hardcover - full history + illustrations on nearly each page!

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The Battle of Waterloo has become a historical heritage which is enjoyed by Napoleonic enthusiasts worldwide. Nevertheless, it is quite amazing that the exact description of many events on 18 June 1815, when the fate of Europe was decided, remain unknown. This is particularly true for the role of the Dutch-Belgians in the campaign, even though they made up one third of the allied army under the Duke of Wellington, which would play a crucial role in the defeat of Napoleon.

André Dellevoet's book "The Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo" is a detailed study on the Dutch-Belgian cavalry in the Waterloo campaign.

The reader is taken along the first days of the new Kingdom of the Netherlands, its integration with the Belgian provinces and the difficult build-up of the Dutch-Belgian army. As the clouds of imminent war against Napoleon thicken, the story continues with the cantonment of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry near the French border and takes an ominous turn when hostilities break out.

The climax is given in the detailed accounts of the actions of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry during the battles of Quatre-Bras and Waterloo, where they played a prominent and dramatic role. The story ends with a concise description of the campaign in Northern France up to Paris.

No historical study about the Waterloo campaign in the past 200 years has described in such a detailed and comprehensive way what happened to the Dutch-Belgian cavalry in 1815.

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After 9 years of continuous study the result is awesome. The book of approximately 220 pages contains:
  • A detailed description of the action hour by hour;
  • Extensive quotes from letters, diaries and other original sources, of which some were never published before;
  • Many detailed maps of the exact movements and charges of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry;
  • More than 100 b/w and colour illustrations, including iconographic portraits of a number of Dutch-Belgian officers;
  • Contemporary photographs of the landscape, the monuments and battlefields;
  • Professional photographs of original weapons and equipment of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry;
  • Beautiful colour uniform plates by Marius Niemietz of the parade and field dress of each regiment;
  • An elaborate bibliography, notes and index on names and themes.
A few reactions of readers:

Thomas Mischak, Germany:
To say it in one word...the book is brilliant!

Ron & Anne Wehrens, Holland:
We have read some parts of your book with much joy. It is abundantly clear that half your life went into it. Really a masterpiece!

Sander Van Straaten, Holland:
I am very impressed. Of course, I haven’t had the opportunity to read all of it thoroughly but the execution, set-up and illustrations are of very high quality. Chapeau! What strikes me most is that the illustrations support and reinforce the text in a very convincing way, clearly a lot of thought has been spent on this. It seems to me that this work will receive a sort of “ bible status” among similar publications and I can recommend it to everyone. Of course, also my compliments to Mr. Niemietz. Thank you for conceiving this book, it greatly enriches the documentation in our field.

Gareth Glover, UK:
I have also been writing on the subject of Waterloo and firstly wanted to write just to say how much I am enjoying your book, which I have found fascinating and well researched. It is also beautifully illustrated; it is an excellent book, enhancing the material about the Dutch/Belgian cavalry in the English language tremendously and you can be justly proud of it. We can only hope that it changes the view of these troops' actions over the campaign.

Martin, UK (at a hobby fair):
The other item that really impressed me was a new book about Dutch-Belgian cavalry. Now, I’m not particularly obsessed by the Hundred Days campaign but if there were a whole set of books of this quality on the market, I might get tempted. The book is simply entitled Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo and is published by a Belgian company called De Cavalerie, written by a Dutch author André Dellevoet with a German illustrator Marius Niemietz. It’s a luxurious work of over 200 pages in hardback, beautifully produced and terrifically illustrated.

C.M. Schulten in the (Dutch) military spectator:
The author is at his best when he describes and illustrates the organization, armaments, equipment and uniforms of the Division Collaert with the illustrations of Miemitz as well as the battles of Quatre-Bras and Waterloo [ ]. The specialized reader will gladly and usefully take this publication in his hands. The “Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo” deserves an honorary place in the bookcases of every cavalrymen that holds the opinion that the history of their arm is important.

Stewart Stiles, South-Africa:
I have recently got a copy of the above very fine book. I note that there were some challenges in getting it published and that you eventually did so yourself. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I am delighted with the book and I wanted to thank you for persevering and sharing it with us. There is absolutely no doubt that it fulfills a unique role in the Waterloo story - a subject that was hardly covered before (especially in English) now has a fine reference work which I am sure will be THE reference in the future.

André Dellevoet studied Law in Maastricht and Political Science in Leiden and currently works in Africa for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For decades he has developed a broad interest in the military history of the Napoleonic age, particularly with regard to the Dutch-Belgian army. He has published before about the Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo in Napoleon Magazine of June 2000. Furthermore he has contributed to the OSPREY-publication of Ronald Pawly and Patrice Courcelle about “Wellington’s Belgian Allies” and “Wellington’s Dutch Allies”.
Read an interview with the author here.

Published by the Belgian Publishing House
"De Cavalerie"

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