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Jan Flamend
How to sell your value and your price
Tips, tricks and tools for sales success, 200 p.
€ 35/38.50, VAT & shipping included

‘I think books on sales are boring. I know exactly what they will say. There’s hundreds of them and there’s nothing new in them for me. I know I need to listen to my customer, analyse his needs, sell him the value of my solution and get as much money out of it as possible.’

This is what a German sales manager wrote to me. He continued:’ Your book on Value selling however is different, it tells me not what I need to do, but how I need to do it. That’s what is important. Now, you could improve your book if you put in more exercises, more examples, more tips and tricks. I would certainly buy the new version as well. Some jokes would also help

Who am I to contradict a German sales manager? I have taken his advice at heart and I have included several new examples,, exercises and tools in this new version. You will also find jokes on sales in the appendix. I have even changed the name. Value selling. The solution based approach has grown into ‘How to sell your value and your price’. It is all about the HOW to sell.