Value selling. The solution-based approach
Jan Flamend
23 x 17 cm, 242 p.

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‘Sales is all about helping your customer to buy the right thing.

In recent years the sales profession has radically changed. The hard sell no longer works; we now talk of smart selling, solution selling, value selling. The sales person as an individual adds value by linking the buying process to the selling process. This requires a great deal of commitment, empathy and business sense.

In this handbook you will find numerous answers to this question: ‘What should I do in front of a customer?’ Even the most experienced sales person is not always sure if he or she is doing the right thing. In the sales seminars that I teach throughout Europe, the participants are always surprised to see how much they can still learn. They very often know what to do and even know how to do it, but when it comes to the crunch they just don’t do it. In these training programmes they learn to really do it and get credit for it. When they return to their customers, suddenly the latter are being listened to. Those customers get a better idea of the value of what they are being sold, and they tend to give their business more easily to those smarter sales people.’